Clergy Corner

Welcome to the web page for Clergy Corner, a half hour panel discussion where a among Livingston clergy who discuss topics of the day from a religious point of view.  The Rev. Daniel Martian is the moderator for the show, and past clergy participants have included Anju Bhargava, Cantor Sharon Brown-Levy, the Rev. Gerry Buonopane, Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz, the Rev. Ron DePasqualle, the Rev. Robert  Fuhrman, the Rev. Susan Gillespie, Rev. Theresa Hoover, Rabbi Mark Kaiserman, Rabbi Clifford Kulwin, the Rev Joseph Laracy, the Rev. Sam Lee, Rabbi Greg Litcofsky, the Rev. Leslie Martin, the Rev. Brian Needles, the Rev. Msgr. Thomas Nydegger, the Rev. Dr. Richard Vossler and the Rev. Elizabeth Wigg-Maxwell.

The show is produced in the studio of Livingston High School by the capable students who work behind the scenes, including manning the cameras and working the sound board.  The show airs on Livingston TV: Comcast channel 34 and Verizon channel 26.  The show is shown during the month at various times.  Check your local listings for the days and times.  In the near future there will be a link on this page where you can also view the shows.

If you have a suggestion for a future show, you may contact the moderator, the Rev. Daniel Martian .

To view an edition of Clergy Corner, click on the link below:


Clergy Corner 45: Terrorism

Clergy Corner 44: Faith and Politics

Clergy Corner 43: Faith and Civility


Clergy Corner 42: Building Unity in the Spiritual Community

Clergy Corner 41: Spiritual Care and Medicine

Clergy Corner 40: How to Cultivate the Divine in Our Daily Lives

Clergy Corner 39: Prayer

Clergy Corner 38: Freedom of Expression

Clergy Corner 37: Is Justice Fair?

Clergy Corner 36: Hollywood and the Clergy


Clergy Corner 35: Why Me?

Clergy Corner 34: To Serve or Not To Serve

Clergy Corner 33: Is Technology Killing Religion

Clergy Corner 32: Does Religion Make You Happy

Clergy Corner 31: Walking Away from Faith

Clergy Corner 30: The Big Ten

Clergy Corner 29: Women in the Pulpit

Clergy Corner 28: Affordable Housing

Clergy Corner 27: Affordable Healthcare

Clergy Corner 26: Faith and Homosexuality

Clergy Corner 25: Rise and Fall of Religion

Clergy Corner 24: Government Shut-down

Clergy Corner 23: Gun Control


Clergy Corner 22: Sin and Forgiveness

Clergy Corner 21: The Many Faces of God

Clergy Corner 20: Diversity

Clergy Corner 19: Life after Death

Clergy Corner 17: Faith & Immigration AND Clergy Corner 18: Is God Violent

Clergy Corner 16: Morality

Clergy Corner 15: Is Religion Relevant

Clergy Corner 14: Tragedy — Worst and Best Things to Say

Clergy Corner 13: Religious Symbolism in Public Places

Clergy Corner 12: God – Fact or Fiction

Clergy Corner 11: Pro-Life, Pro-Choice

Clergy Corner 10: Dying with Dignity


Clergy Corner 9: Suicide

Clergy Corner 8: Religion and Contraception

Clergy Corner 7: Interfaith Marriage

Clergy Corner 6:Religion and Science

Clergy Corner 5: Scripture

Clergy Corner 4:Marriage Equality — Part 1 / Part 2

Clergy Corner 3: Faith and Politics

Clergy Corner 2:Judgement Day

Clergy Corner 1:Why Do Bad Things Happen to People







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